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Joe Dix

Welcome to my world

Where did he come from?
Joe Dix, herein known as Joe, was the mid-seventies reproduction effort of two people. These people, known to Joe as mom and dad, are named Lonetta and Joseph. These people, jointly known as parents, love Joey (little version of Joe) very much, or at least that is what he was told.

Where did he live?
Joey grew up to become Joe, in an area of Earth known as Kansas in the United States. Kansas is a land of, well, stuff. Big stuff like cities and urban-sprawl and little stuff like cows and dogs. Joey has spent most of his time in the Kansas City metro, where he currently resides.

What does he do?
Joe spends an exuberant amount of time in front of computer monitors, thus developing skills to help others gain control over their computer systems. He likes doing this and continues to search for more profitable ways to use these skills of his.

Why do you care?
Joe does not know why you care, but believes that you do. Joe also believes that when people care about other people; their neighborhoods, towns, cities, states, nations, continents, and eventually their Earth can be made a better place.

What should we do?

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